Business Process Outsourcing

Our BPO services enables a company to have access to best of the minds and ensure exposure to best industry practices, creating competitive advantage. A lean front office of a company allows its team to focus on core competencies. Turning a fixed cost into variable allows a company to quickly respond to changes in the industry and ensure a spot on the fast growing trajectory.

Software Development

Our diverse pool of experienced developers with hands on experience of latest technologies gives companies a privilege of no fixed overhead cost. Our business process consultants have knowledge of the best of the industry practices, helping our customers adopt best software solutions for highest efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our pay as you use pricing for developers and consultants help companies covert their fixed cost into variable. Join our growing pool of companies who use our world class software development services.

Public-Private Partnerships

This unique service creates a marriage of resource rich institutions with highly creative companies. Our experienced PR consultants help companies identify their needs and source out a donor agencies who fund programs for giving companies access to world class training programs. This not only foster company’s team but also help allows a company to contribute to communities and society. Our consultants have worked on UNDP and USAID projects worth millions of dollars and sure can get a deserving company access to game changer programs.

Virtual Assistants

Whether you are starting or a growing business, we help companies shave hours from their team’s workweek. Use our virtual assistants for everything from making service calls to sending out thank you cards.


Uncover the treasure within your servers. Turn data into meaningful information and actionable plans leading to growth and fueling better profits.


We help companies align their workflows with industries best practices. We help companies pick the right technology & deploy the solutions efficiently.

Corporate Training

We help companies adopt technology through series of training programs.


We design, deploy, manage and maintain share point portals.

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